A novelty bot in PHP to tweet the "progess" toward and announcement of the next holiday/event.

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Twitter Holiday Progress Bot

The holiday progress bot was developed as a novelty bot/project by @zaskem to play with the Twitter API. For reasons including but not limited to stubbornness, this project evolved to include a homegrown OAuth Tweet posting script based on information provided by Twitter. Having a custom posting script bypasses the need to include a full library/utility such as Twurl on the production bot host. Developing such a script also provided ample opportunity for cursing, because 2020 definitely needed more cursing. Just doing my part.

The general idea for this bot was inspired by the Year Progress bot.

The live bot’s data is sourced from a modified clone of the “Holidays in the United States” Google calendar via the Google Calendar API, analyzed/calculated, and increments tweeted via Twitter’s API. The live bot tweets no more than once every 15 minutes and only pushes a tweet when an update is detected (e.g. once at 5%, not again until 6% is reached).

The GitHub repo contains the basics for getting started with the bot in your own environment.